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Collectible Playing Cards - Czechoslovakia

Our Playing cards stock is always changing evolving as we buy-in new collections.  
IF…..you have any similar collections of playing cards for sale, do contact us.

Note: Scanned images of representative cards from a deck can be emailed upon request.

Item Ref Description Price
CZE005   Non-standard playing cards courts. Stulecie Motoryzacji 1985. Lovely deck, courts are historical celebrities of the world of motoring, very special Joker 52 +lflt +sp.J all mint+ box vg £16.00
CZE010   Non-standard playing cards. Jan Becher Carlsbad liquor, lovely courts engaged in drinking situations, nice art, ALL pip cards have ads. 52 mint £12.00
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  ad. Kovo lll. 1965 standard ad playing cards deck but courts have different colouring, 52 + special Joker + sc mint N/A
CZE014   ns. Coal-mining playing cards deck 1985, colourful ns designs, complete 32 card skat deck. All mint  N/A

  Non-standard playing cards courts. Miracle - Prague 25 cards out of 32, fair - good £ 9.00
CZE017   Non-standard playing cards courts. Piatnika-synove of PRAGUE. Beautiful playing cards but 28 cards only, nm £10.00
Non-standard playing cards. Mining skat deck, unusual designs, complete 32  all Mint
CZE021 BB327 Non-standard playing cards courts. Techno-Export, unusual, 52 + 3 special Jokers + box, all mint £25.00
CZE023 BB299-300 Non-standard playing cards courts.dd. Pravidla pro Hry. 2 delightful patience decks with very pretty Non-standard court cards, 52 + 2 special Jokers + spare card X 52 + 2 special Jokers + spare card, + 26-page booklet, all Mint + outer dd box vg £30.00
CZE024 BB296 Non-standard playing cards courts. Z-Advt. lovely courts, 52 + 2 special.rare jokers +box all Mint £18.00
CZE025 BB295 Non-standard playing cards . Centrotex, beautiful old advertising deck, lovely art, colouring, art-deco style, a really beautiful partly Non-standard deck, 52 + 2special Jokers + box, all MINT £120.00

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