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Playing Cards - Terms and Abbreviations

Here is a list of abbreviations used in our playing-card catalog, along with their meanings. If you find any terms in our catalog which you do not understand, please ask - we'd be glad to help.
Also please note ** If a deck is described as "52 complete" then that is exactly as it is, just 52 cards only, because if it has it's jokers also, then it will be stated thus "52+J" or "52+2J" etc etc.

Term Meaning
p Poor condition
f Fair condition
g Good condition
vg Very good condition
nm Near-mint condition
M Mint condition

*Note: We try to "under-rate" the grading on the condition of the cards to ensure customer satisfaction.

Term Meaning
J Joker
sp Special (eg: spa = special ace)
bklt Booklet
lflt Leaflet or information sheet
ns Non-standard
nsc Non-standard courts
? Unknown
lim ed Limited edition
ge Gold edged
gc Gold corners
dd Double deck
RR Railway deck
nn Narrow named
wn Wide named
tt Tarot or fortune telling

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