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Collectors Ourselves

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We are a small company, serious collectors first and foremost, but also dealing in many different paper collectibles (see below). Being collectors all our lives we appreciate the hunt, and the find. Talk to us, tell us what you seek, because not everything is listed here on our pages.

Wide Variety of Ephemera

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While only our Playing Card and Cigar Box Label catalogs are currently available here online, we also have many other types of collections, including:

Help For the Theme Collector!

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By breaking into many of these other collections we are able to extract many subjects for the "thematic" collector, for example:

Tell us what you need - we just might have it!

We Also Buy

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We are also interested in buying unusual collections ... what have you?


Thanks for stopping by our web site!

Good luck everybody, and good hunting!

- Hava Getz


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